Friday, May 4, 2012

Small Group Garage Sale for Missions

This year, our church (Providence Church) is encouraging everyone to read chronologically through the Bible and also encouraging giving to Missions however you can, whether it's going on a trip somewhere (locally or internationally), financially, or within your community.  Our group is full of a lot of young families that are unable to actually go on trips, so we decided that since we can't go, we send!  We have already sent our small group's babysitter to Nicaragua over spring break, but we were challeged to send one of our own on a trip to Guatemala this summer.  We knew that we needed to do some sort of fundraiser to help either pay towards one of those trips or towards our Missions budget as a whole.  So, we decided to do a Small Group Garage Sale!  Boy, did we have a lot of "Junk for Jesus"!  AND, we did great!  It also was a great time of fellowship and it definitely helped to be a part of a huge subdivision wide sale.  Our group's babysitter donated 4 hours of her time to watch the kids (which was the best donation in my book) and we got rid of a lot of STUFF.  We had a lot of fun being able to visit for a long period of time.  Here are some pics from our little event:
Our Accountants for the Day
Mandy (Person going to Guatemala in July) & Pam (Our translator for the day)
The famous tracker board for each family
Once our babysitter left, we all took turns with watching the girls in the backyard
Ellie & Me with our phones and "hot juice"

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