Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baking with Ellie

Each year, one of the gifts I give to family members is a tin of cookies. I also tend to do a lot of baking for the holidays in general, including for Ellie's birthday. It was a tradition my mom did with me that I have always wanted to pass down to my kids. Well, this year, I incorporated Ellie into the baking, teaching her how to do a few things to help Mommy. My mom made her an adorable apron that she loved to put on when we would make something new. She got to where as soon as she saw me start taking out a few items, she would go get a chair from the table and push it over so she could stand next to me and help. She helped me make her birthday cake, several batches of cookies and some of the dishes we brought for Christmas dinner. Here are some pics from our baking adventures this year, some even including Mimi!

Making Ellie's Cupcake Birthday Cake
Making Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
3 Generations Making Iced Sugar Cookies

Dancing while we wait for cookies to bake

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