Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meeting Langston Kate

In late June, Jesse and I were able to schedule a quick trip up to Cincinnati to meet my new niece. Langston Kate Hardwick was born on March 22nd when she was only 30 weeks in the womb. Jennifer (the trooper Mom) had preeclampsia that developed quickly and caused her to have to deliver Langston early. She was a fighter and was in the NICU until May 10th. Now, she is a thriving, adorable little girl that has made it through such a hard ordeal with flying colors. Langston is a really good mixture of both Jonathan and Jennifer.

I was so happy to finally meet her after all the restrictions being lifted due to her immune system building up. It was also really neat to see my brother as a new dad. He's really patient and loving with this miracle baby. So happy to have this new addition to the Hardwick Family! :)

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