Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11 Months Old!

Ellie turning 11 months old has really hit me hard - only one more month until she is not an infant anymore...and I have a party to plan! This past month has been filled with some highs and some lows, but Ellie has been a trooper. We've dealt with the first ear infection, the first allergic reaction to the antibiotic (amoxicillian - bubble gum medicine) with a full body rash and hives, lots of Benedryl, more medicine and she is just now feeling better. She's had to stay out of her Parents Day Out program for the last 2 weeks (NOT COOL) but she is clear to go now. We've had to adjust to Daddy going back to work and lots of "Mommy & Ellie" time. Some new things that have happened this month:

1. She got her 5th tooth on her lower teeth and she is about to cut one on her upper gum.
2. She is no longer in the baby tub - we have graduated to the big girl tub but are trying to keep her from standing so much!
3. Her hair is so much thicker! I love it.

4. She walks on her walker and crawls very fast, but isn't quite in to the walking world.

5. She still loves cats (all animals in general but definitely likes cats the best) - thank you Lord!

6. She is wearing some 12 month clothes but is in the transition phase from 9 month to 12 month.

7. Her last weight check as of last week was 20 lbs 12 oz so we are GOLDEN on turning her car seat around next month!

8. She is much more responsive to things we say and likes to play "copy cat" when we do little things (i.e. shake our heads no and she will do the same)

9. She has entered into the I want mommy and daddy with me all the time phase recently and cries for a while if we leave her with someone.

10. She does great going to the grocery store and sitting in the cart!

11. She is eating a few of the things we eat but still getting a balanced diet of her fruits, veggies and meat.

We can't believe how much time has passed since those insanely tired, frustrating first few weeks of being a parent. We are really looking forward to introducing Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and hope that she really enjoys all the festivities and family time she will get!

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