Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Orange Country

Last football season, Jesse was deployed to Iraq and one of the hardest things he missed was most of the college football season - especially UT games. I was able to go to one with my best friend and her hubby last year, but this year, we were very intentional about getting tickets for the first game! My parents ended up being able to come up for the weekend and join us, so it was a lot of fun to share it with them. Technically, this was Ellie's first game and she was definitely kicking up a storm with all the noise in Neyland Stadium! I think it was a sweet moment for Jesse and I to be back at a game together, something we plan to do for many years to come once we move back to K-town. Here's a short video of the football team entrance through the team for those of you who have never experienced this tradition in Orange Country!

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