Saturday, March 7, 2009

29 and holding...

Well, I have finally had the last birthday in my 20's - WOW! I haven't been quite sure how to feel about it, so I just decided to enjoy celebrating! On my actual birthday, I had a full day of work with an event that didn't end until almost 7pm. My co-workers surprised me with a new plant for my office and some balloons. I had really sweet birthday wishes all day long, especially on Facebook (gotta love new technology). My family called and sang me "Happy Birthday" at different times all day long, and I received some great e-cards. My wonderful hubby came to my event at work and then took me on a dinner date to Olive Garden - YUMMY! We made it back in time for "The Office" and he gave me my present - new cookware that I have been wanting for a while!! :) I had some great presents from my parents and some birthday cards from friends, so it was a great evening!

For those of you who don't know this fact about my family, my brother and I share the same birthday and we are 3 years apart in age. So, growing up, birthdays were always a big deal for the two of us. Jonathan and I try to see each other around our birthdays each year and this year, he and his wife Jennifer (who had a birthday last week), flew their plane down to an airport close to the base and spent Friday and Saturday with us. I took them around the base and to the 101st Airborne Museum after visiting Jesse at work. As soon as Jesse got of work, we went out for a good ol' Mexican dinner and returned home to eat our traditional Publix cake (YUMMY) and open presents. We spent Saturday visiting, and Jonathan took Jesse up in his plane and showed him a few tricks in the friendly skies! We had a great time having them here to celebrating our birthdays.

Here is a video of Jonathan and Jennifer taking off and heading back to Cincinnati from the airport.

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Claire said...

How fuN! I'm so excited for you about your cookware! Woohooo! Also I do have a card for you- was going to mail it then it was going to be late, and now here we are days and days later and you haven't gotten it.... nor have you gotten a gift from me. But hey, like I said, why not drag out the celebration!?? :)


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