Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best News EVER

So, the rumors have been circulating for a while now that the brigade my husband is in is coming home early. Well, I recently received a letter from the unit's Colonel saying that they were planning on coming home mid to late November instead of January, but as for anything from the Army, it could all change at any moment. While I'm incredibly excited at the prospect of seeing my husband almost 2 months earlier than planned, I'm still waiting for the announcement of "Just Kidding!" Many of us Army wives have the attitude of when they call us and say they are on the flight home, then we'll believe it. BUT, I am fairly confident that the new time frame of redeployment is happening, due to events taking place that Jesse has told me about. I'm now at the point of this deployment where I am beyond ready to see Jesse in person again. Sometimes I feel guilty for saying that when I am surrounded by wives here on base that have gone 12-15 months with only seeing their husband's for 2 weeks. Regardless, I miss his companionship terribly and I can't wait to have him home to share our home again. Come home safe, LT!


Mike said...

Bring him home early, safe and sound, Lord!

tsimmons said...

Oh LC I hope your hubby does get to come home early. I know that will be a good thing for you guys. I wish a safe and soon trip home for the other Army wives as well. Love ya LC.

[w] said...

Hi Leslie!!!

I've been thinking about you two kids. Erika and I pray for you both, each Sunday specfically. Glad to hear our boy may be home soon.

How are you doing? Let us know how you're faring ok?

-- wade


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